At the 5th international contest of small format artwork which has been announced by the Association of Independent Artists of Novi Sad in March 2017, 48 artists applied with 73 artworks in the following disciplines: drawing, painting, printmaking and photograph.

The judging committee which consisted of: Svetlana Suzdaljceva, academic painter (Pokrov – Russia), LjiljanaMaksimović, art historian (Belgrade– Srbija), Adnan Hozo, academic printmaker (Sarajevo – BH) and Vladimir Červenka, academic photographer (Sr. Karlovci – Serbia), has awarded three prizes and threeequal Honourable mentions to the best artworks that have arrived at this year’s contest.

· First prize: Anita JovanovićRadosavljević, Serbia, printmaking – mezzotint

· Second prize: Dajana Jekić, BIH, printmaking – aquatint

· Third prize: MilanaSavanović, Serbia, photography – digital, black and white

· Honourable mention:SašaVasiljević, Srbija, painting – combined technique

· Honourable mention:Dragan Todorović, Srbija, photography – digital, colour

· Honourable mention:GoricaMiletićOmčikus, BIH, printmaking – linocut

This year, in addition to the judging committee’s awards, there will be an Audience Award. On the facebook page of UNUNS there is an album with the artworks that have passed jury selection, but did not get an award or an Honourable mention. We invite the audience to vote for the best artwork. The artwork which receives the highest number of likes by 12PM on September 10th 2017 will win the Audience Award. Good luck!

Congratulations to all the participants who have passed the jury selection. Print and digital catalogues are in preparation. The retrospective, 5th international exhibition of small format includes works from this year’s contest, as well as a presentation of works from four previous exhibitions, according to the choice of the Arts council. The exhibition will be held at the Gallery of the Cultural Center Futog, on October 12th, 2017, starting at 7PM. The exhibition will be open from the 12th to 25th of October 2017. Welcome!