UNU Novi Sad is announcing


The theme: ‘Emotions’ in the disciplines of drawing, painting, printmaking and photography.

All four disciplines are equally graded, certificates are awarded to prominent artists and the best three artworks are rewarded: 1st prize – 10 000 RSD, 2nd prize – a monograph, 3rd prize – a set of “Signit” acrylic paints,

The contest also includes mixed media, monotypes, collages… it DOES NOT include digital prints, architectural and design work.

Each participant can participate with two artworks at most.

The maximum artwork size is A4.

Participation fee is 1000 RSD (regardless of the number of sent artwork) the payment is made into the Association’s account: 160-388507-10 with the indication: donation, recipient: UNU Novi Sad, Bulevar Oslobođenja 26/10, Novi Sad.

Foreign participants (outside of Serbia) are not required to pay the participation fee.

All participants will receive a digital catalogue via e-mail. The catalogue will also be printed in its entirety in the 8th issue of the magazine for culture and art “UPS – umetnost pre svega” (Art above all else). The submitted works will not be returned, but will instead become a part of the UNUNS’s Legacy. UNUNS’s Legacy makes an indivisible whole and represents a cross-section of art in the 21st century. The fee, as well as the artworks, will be returned to the participants who do not pass the selection.

All participants who come to the the exhibition opening in November 2023 will receive the 8th issue of magazine UPS as a gift. The exact date of the exhibition opening will be announced at a later date.

The deadline for submitting the artworks is August 15th, 2023.

Fill in the entry form in capital letters and send it along with the artwork to the following address: UNU Novi Sad, 21000 Novi Sad, Bulevar Oslobođenja 26/10 (with the indication: for the contest). The entry form can be downloaded here.

The organizers are obliged to regularly inform the participants of all the exhibitions related to this contest through website , e-mail or FB page