At the 3rd International exhibition and contest of small format works, which has been announced by the Association of Independent Artists of Novi Sad in July 2015, 32 artists from 7 countries applied with 54 works in the following disciplines: drawing, painting, graphics and photography. After the session held on the 28th September 2015 , the judging committee has unanimously awarded three prizes, one Honorable mention and a special prize.

The 3rd international competition of small format that was announced by the Association of Independent Artists of Novi Sad in July 2015, reported the 31 artist from 7 countries with 50 papers in the disciplines: drawing, painting, graphics and photos. After the session held on 28.09.2015. , the expert committee has awarded three prizes, one commendation and a special prize:

  • First prize: Jelena Indic, Sabac, Serbia
  • Second Prize: Teodora Stojanovic, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Third prize: Edina Besic, Sarajevo, BiH
  • Honorable mention: Victoria Henry Pettersson, Malmo Sweden
  • Special Award: Dobrivoj Rajic, Novi Sad, Serbia

Congratulations to all participants who have passed the jury selection. A series of exhibitions of selected works will be organised in several different galeries in Serbia. The print and digital catalogs are in preparation. The first exhibition of works from this year’s competition will be held in Stara Pazova, 05th October 2015. in the Gallery of Cultural Centre of Stara Pazova, Svetosavska 27 Opening of the exhibition in 19h. Everybody are welcome!

Exhibitors list:

  1. Adnan Hozo, Sarajevo, BIH
  2. Aleksandar Opacic, Petrovaradin, Serbia
  3. Alexander Sovljakov, Futog, Serbia
  4. Bakir Terzimehic, Sarajevo, BIH
  5. Bojan Stankovic, Sr. Karlovci, Serbia
  6. Bojan Simunovic, Apatin, Serbia
  7. Branka Vladic, Markusica Croatia
  8. Victoria Henry Pettersson, Malmo, Sweden
  9. Vladimir Cervenka, Srem Karlovci, Serbia
  10. Diana Jekic, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  11. Dobrivoj Rajic, Novi Sad, Serbia
  12. Edina Besic, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  13. Zvonimir Kostic Palanski, Nis, Serbia
  14. Ian Candy Ilkay, Prague, Czech Republic
  15. Jelena Indjic, Sabac, Serbia
  16. Johny Kahn Salahudeen, Kerela, India
  17. Luka Drljan, Ruma, Serbia
  18. Ljiljana Knezevic, Novi Sad, Serbia
  19. Marija Erdelji, Novi Sad, Serbia
  20. Miroslav Munizaba, Sr. Mitrovica, Serbia
  21. Nenad Karlic, Novi Sad, Serbia
  22. Nina Cirovic, Beocin, Serbia
  23. Sladjana Matic Trstenjak, Maribor, Slovenia
  24. Srdjan Vujosevic, Vrbas, Serbia
  25. Suncica Markovic, Novi Sad, Serbia
  26. Teodora Stojanovic, Belgrade, Serbia
  27. Ugljesa Colic, Novi Sad, Serbia